CBN tools

High-performance cutting tools made of cubic boron nitride. CBN cutting inserts
CBN tools overview
Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is widely used in cutting tools production. Its usefulness arises from its insolubility in iron, nickel, and related alloys at high temperatures, whereas diamond is soluble in these metals.

Polycrystalline CBN (PCBN) abrasives are therefore used for machining steel, whereas diamond abrasives are preferred for aluminum alloys, ceramics, and stone. When in contact with oxygen at high temperatures, BN forms a passivation layer of boron oxide. Boron nitride binds well with metals, due to formation of interlayers of metal borides or nitrides.

Commercial products are known under names "Borazon" (by Diamond Innovations), and "Elbor" or "Cubonite" (by Russian vendors), AMBORITE.

We have next CBN/PCBN grades in our program: ICBN10, ICBN20, ICBN20L, ICBN100H, ICBN100, ICBN110. Please consult our catalogue for further information.